Bread making and passion for cooking, gardening, bee-keeping and linen

I love to bake, cook, garden and grown organic food.

I am a bee keeper, and a fibre arts artist.

Food is my passion.

I love linen, silk, wool.

And I am happy to be alive.

I share with you how to make a real sour dough bread, a true European Artisan bread, the bread with amazing taste, fantastic aroma, splendid crumb and scrumptious crust.

Come and join my classes, my classes on bread, pastry making, growing your own food for your kitchen , and live the life you want, wish and love.

The best way to store your bread is simply in linen or linen bag if you would. Yes, 100% pure linen, it is breathable, it is microbial, it keeps bread from going stale, it makes it last fresh and crusty much longer. no more mouldy loaves.

I create these practical and beautiful linen bread bags and offer them to you. Choose an embroidery that speaks to you and reflects who you are and compliments your passions and interests, your life.

  • many garden herbs
  • an old fashion bee hive ‘skep’
  • a schooner
  • a school of fish
  • a light house